Rinieri Trimmers & Pruners – ORPL

The orchard pruner is suitable in different type of cultivation like cone and mono-cone or high density for machine harvesting. The frame has 4 hydraulic movements acting by a proportional joystick and it can mount 1 or 2 bars with single acting sickle bar with “SCH” teeth which work with branches up to Ø cm 3-4 (1,2”-1,6”). The machine with 2 bars cuts the side and the top in the same time. In order to operate needs a oil flow of 30-40 l/min (8-11 gpm).



  • Propotional distributor 4+1
  • hydraulic lifting 145cm
  • Column hydraulic tilting
  • vertical bar hydraulic tilting +/- 15°
  • horizontal bar hydraulic tilting 180°
  • “SCH” Teeth and blades cutting bars
  • Anti-cavitation valve for motors
  • Hydraulic stand for storage
  • N.1 Double-acting distributor
  • N.1 pressure free return
  • Socket 12V


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