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Landini Central was established as a division of the Research and Development Engineers Pty Ltd Group, established in 1980. Research and Development Engineers Pty Ltd also trade as Kubpower Agricultural and Construction Equipment and Braud Australia – Grape Harvesters.

Landini Central are proud to be the South Australian and Northern Territory importer and distributor for Landini Tractors.

Landini Tractors, established in 1884, are part of the wider group of Argo Tractors. Whom also include the production of McCormick and Valpadana branded tractors. Argo Tractors is an Italian based company with all Landini Tractors being fully produced across their four factories: Fabbrico, San Martino in Rio and Luzzara, in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Landini and McCormick have been in Australia for some 30-years and have had a number of importers/distributors.

As of 2014 there has been three Landini Distributors, one in the West, one in the East and Landini Central in South Australia. The intention is to allow the importers/distributors to become the Retailers. This makes the Landini product more competitive in price and to give the best after sales support.
Landini Central specialise in agricultural tractors specific to the viticultural and horticultural industries, with extra narrow and extra low profile options available. Landini Tractors range from 25Hp-230Hp ratings.

Landini Central stretches across three South Australian locations: Gepps Cross, Summertown and Naracoorte. We are all fully equipped for all your Landini needs. Whether it be new or used machinery sales, the full range of genuine Argo/Landini spare parts, on and off site servicing and warranty services.

We will also be appointing dealers in areas distant from our own outlets to give best after sales support. The dealers appointed will have had existing or previous experience with the Landini product.


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