Award winning technology for the Landini REX4

Working in orchards and vineyards can be a challenging task: specialty tractors require a great deal of attention in order to drive the tractor while controlling the towed attachments for row-crop operations and the all-important harvest time. By looking after the operators by giving them a comfortable and convenient place to work and tools that make their lives easier, more productive and more satisfying, really is something all vineyard operations must consider in current times.
This is why Argo Tractors developed the Advanced Driving System (ADS), the innovative hybrid assisted driving system available on the Landini REX4 range that helps you with all of your operations. Thanks to state-of-the-art mechatronic systems, the operator can let the machine take care of driving at the most important times and focus on operating the attachments.

The Advanced Driving System incorporates a set of tools for your tractor that allow you to optimise your work. The Landini assisted driving system gives you a number of advantages:

  • You will work more efficiently as you are free to focus on row-crop operations. Let the control unit take care of driving the tractor during independent driving phases and headland manoeuvres. The hybrid steering system is connected to satellite guidance and is interfaced with the power steering control that is fully integrated in the vehicle.
  • The ADS manages to eliminate external stresses by adjusting driving style to terrain conditions. It also lets you store wheel positions for slope and in-furrow operation.
  • Enjoy improved comfort: the ADS offers you an automotive-style experience with such features as automatic stiffening of the steering wheel as speed increases and automatic wheel return to central position after turns. Driving comfort is guaranteed by smart stiffness control for the front axle.
  • The all-in-one joystick enables you to control all hydraulic loads (up to 7 control valves) and directly control the steering system when the specific feature is enabled.
  • Check all tractor functions from a single monitor that automatically displays the functions used (e.g. hydraulic system, PTO, transport).
  • You can let the on-board computer take care of a number of other tasks, such as measuring a daily log of working hours fuel consumption and other details.
  • Keeping your tractor’s condition under control is easier thanks to the continuous self-diagnosis. Any abnormal conditions are detected automatically, also depending on operating conditions and set trajectory.
  • The Advanced Driving System will help you keep your tractor in good working order, reducing mechanical and electronic stress typically associated with personal driving styles.
  • If you have a fleet to manage, there are many benefits to you too. A web platform allows you to monitor a lot of information from the comfort of your office: vehicle position, service status, diagnosis of any abnormal conditions. You can also automatically fill in the field register.

The innovative Advanced Driving System introduced in the Landini REX4 range earned important awards at major international trade fairs rewarding agricultural mechanisation:

  • Technical Innovation Award, EIMA 2018, Bologna.
  • Máquina innovadora, Agraria 2019, Valladolid.

“We are very satisfied“, commented Andres Moradas, Director of Agri Argo Iberica, Argo Tractors’s Spanish branch, “because these awards confirm our group’s great commitment to research and development as it seeks to improve the performance, comfort and safety of our tractors. It is the foundation of our corporate mission, and the Advanced Driving System is a concrete result of these efforts”.

Landini offers the REX 4 in numerous variants, including six models in F, S, and GT cab versions designed for use in orchards and five models with a V cab configuration aimed at vineyards. All REX 4 models are powered by a four-cylinder 2.9-litre Deutz Stage 3B (TCD L4) engine with DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) that provides from 70 to 112 net horsepower at 2,200 rpm. They also come equipped with an Argo-developed transmission that provides four speeds offered in each of three ranges and features either synchro or power shuttle shifting.


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