Landini 4-Series. Lightness – Simplicity – Efficiency

Landini engineers have designed and developed the 4-Series, a range of light utility tractors that really makes a difference to productivity in terms of comfort, lightweight and efficiency. Available in both cab and ROPS versions, the Landini 4-Series are designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized farms for reliable and versatile tractors offering good value for money. The 4-Series provide excellent stability during ploughing, tillage and harrowing, making them ideally suited for seedbed preparation activities. They also offer unmatched manoeuvrability for vineyard, orchard and haymaking and excellent all-round visibility for loader operations. Furthermore, their compact size and agility in tight corners make them ideal for use inside stables and on steep hills and banks, as well as for road transport. All these qualities turn the Landini 4-Series tractors into productivity champions.

The strong point of the 4-Series is the innovative Total View Slim cab that has been designed according to automotive industry standards to ensure maximum operator comfort. Cab key features include a slim roof with a transparent hatch for maximum visibility, a flat-deck platform, an efficient climate control system and high-grade fit and finish. All controls are ergonomically designed and logically arranged to allow simple and intuitive control of key tractor functions.

The 4-Series comprises six models ranging in power from 70 to 107 hp.

Key features of the Landini 4-Series include:

  • A specially built transmission
  • A four-wheel drive front axle with optional integral braking system
  • A choice of two wheelbases: 2230 mm for the three most powerful models and 2100 mm for the others
  • A mechanical or electronic rear hitch with 3900 kg lift capacity for the three most powerful models and 3400 kg lift capacity for the others
  • A front hitch with 1750 kg lift capacity
  • A high-flow hydraulic system providing up to 57 l/min flow rate.

True to its tradition of technological innovation, Landini has developed a highly versatile tractor with a variety of transmission options to offer wider choice of gear configurations. Options available range from a four speed 12/12 synchro shuttle transmission to an electrohydraulic 32/32 Hi-Lo powershift with power shuttle and creeper. Up to eight different configurations are offered.

The 4-Series offers best-in-class traction and manoeuvrability ensuring optimum grip and stability on all terrains for maximum ride comfort. The rugged front axle is equipped with full locking differential and electro-hydraulic four-wheel drive engagement. This ensures maximum efficiency and safety in any condition, including when working with a front hitch or a front loader. The rear axle is sturdy and reliable. Combining wide front axle oscillation and excellent ground clearance with a steering angle of 55 degrees, the 4-Series tractor provides outstanding manoeuvrability in any situation. In addition, the hydrostatic drive delivers smooth steering control even at low engine rpm.

The Integrate Brake System (IBS) braking system with front and rear wet disc brakes integrated into the front axle provides efficient braking on all four wheels. The system reduces stopping distances by 50% ensuring maximum safety on the road. When the front and rear brakes are activated, they produce a braking force proportional to the foot pressure applied on the brake pedal, thereby ensuring safe, controlled stopping power in any situation. Integrated with the hydraulic or pneumatic trailer braking systems, the IBS system will ensure efficient braking of tractor-trailer combination for safe stopping on steep slopes.

The 4-Series can be equipped with up to five remote valves, three rear-mounted and two mid-mounted. The mid-mount remotes, operated by a joystick, allow the use of a front hitch or an L Series front loader.

Four types of remote valves are available that can be used in combination to suit different application needs:

  • Standard: double-acting
  • Kick-out: with automatic detent release
  • Float: for implements that follow the contour of the ground
  • Hydraulic motor: for the use of hydraulic motors.

Each option allows the tractor to work with a variety of implements for maximum efficiency and productivity. Ergonomically arranged high-quality quick-release couplings allow quick connection/disconnection of hydraulic lines for fast operation.


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